“Evangelism” is a scary word.  And so the Faith sharing workshop is designed for us, the laypeople who need encouragement and help to invite people to church, and the walk with God that comes with it.  In the course we rediscover the good news that God is working in our lives, and that it is something that we want to share. 

We break down the stereotypes, which have given evangelism a scary name.  We find we don’t have to be a Billy Graham, or even go door to door.  Instead, first we identify those who brought us to God. Most of us have come though through their friends and neighbors who cared enough to say “come and see” (John 1:46).  This course can help you be one of those people who invite others to “come and see.”

If you want to feel more comfortable in articulating your faith to others without coming across as a religious fanatic, this course is for you.