Is your life full, vibrant, without problems? Do you have it made? If so, this tract has nothing for you-please tell someone about it that you know who has problems and wants answers.

There is only One Person who can do something about your life now-but you have to ask. Jesus Christ does not go around sticking his nose where He is not wanted - He loves us enough to let us choose (even though we choose to stay away from God).

The qualifications are simple. All that is required is that you see your need and be willing to ask. You do not have to "be good"; you dont have "to know the right people"; you dont have to "pay though the nose". You simply have to know you need help, AND ASK.

Right now - where you are - you can ask. "Lord Jesus reveal Youself to me know in this problem - I desire to follow you - ". Then listen and be open to follow His answer for He always hears and always knows and always answers those who call. His wisdom may not agree with yours - but if you are already "RIGHT" you wouldn't need Him.

Try it - it doesn't cost a cent. What have you got to loose?